Silence is the Answer

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

How does one find peace when there is war?
Not a war on foreign or domestic soil,
But a war of one’s own making,
Internal dialogue the catalyst.

This discord happens at delicate points in life,
When standing at a crossroads,
At the precipice of forced change,
When a meaningful metamorphosis is needed.

Knowing evolution is required
Is not enough to quiet the self-chatter
That plays like an inner loop,
Continuously reminding
Of the uncertainty of change.

Teetering on the edge,
A decision must be made.
Take a stand to fight the disarming talk
Or surrender to it.

Giving up is an option
Only if one relishes being assaulted
By life’s inevitable required adjustments.
No, raising the white flag is not a choice.
Silencing the chatter is.

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